Tree Removal:

We value trees and strive to protect their health and vigor whenever possible. Unfortunately, sometimes they have to be removed for various reasons including disease, storm damage, and dead or dying trees. They can have weakened structure that may pose a risk to people,  property, and structures. When removal is warranted, you can count on Premier Property Maintenance to provide the personnel and equipment necessary to remove trees safely and efficiently from your property with as little impact as possible. We will clean up and haul away all the mess and debris, then we can also grade, power rake and hydroseed grass back in like the tree was never there.All tree removal jobs are unique so we can’t provide an estimate over the phone. However, we will dispatch one of our staff to your property to evaluate the tree and determine the best and safest methods of removal with the least impact. Then, we can provide an emailed quotation for the job for acceptance.

Tree Trimming & Pruning:

Pruning is the most common tree management procedure bringing multiple tree health and aesthetic benefits when done properly. Our team at Premier Property Maintenance expertly prunes and trims trees to ensure the health and future growth of your tree. Proper trimming minimizes broken limbs and branches falling to the ground and eliminates the dangers of unexpected falling debris that could cause harm to others, power lines, and structures. Common tree pruning procedures include:

Clearance Pruning to provide space between buildings, walks, drives, and wires.

Crown Pruning to remove dead, broken, diseased, and crossed limbs.

Structural Pruning to establish proper structure to central leaders to ensure long term growth and minimize tree failure and splitting.

Stump Grinding:


Stumps can be an eyesore and nuisance to maintain around. After the tree removal is complete we will cut the stump as low to the ground as we can. Oftentimes folks would like the stump ground out which we can do with a large diesel stump grinder or a walk-behind unit that we can fit through gates and into backyards. After the stump removal, we can leave the grindings and rake them back into the hole. We can also remove them, fill the hole with topsoil and seed. For larger stumps, we will utilize a power rake attachment on the Bobcat or Ventrac machine to plane and level the area flat so there are no holes, bumps, or humps where the tree once was.

 Storm Damage:

Fallen trees can be a serious safety hazard, causing damage to homes, businesses, cars, and even people. We can never predict what mother nature will have in store for us, therefore we offer a quick and immediate response to emergency tree removal and storm damage cleanup.