Fertilizing and Weed Control

Is your lawn looking a little thin and weedy these days? We offer exclusive programs for treating your lawn. Each application of fertilizer & weed control helps to maximize the grass you have while reducing your weeds. Our lawn care treatments will give you a healthier, thicker, and greener lawn. We use only the highest quality granular fertilizers for an extremely slow and consistent release of nutrients, this way you won’t get the ups and downs of growth and color like some other cheaper liquid applications. We off four and five-step programs including pre-emergent weed control, post-emergent weed control, and preventative grub control. Give us a call today to get your lawn back in shape and keep it looking its best!

Mosquito Misting Service

Mosquitoes can suck the fun out of and ruin any outdoor experience, and they can carry diseases that pose a very real threat to you and your family. Mosquitoes are known for their itchy bites however, they can do more than just create an unsightly bump. They are frequent carriers of diseases that can harm your family and even your pets. The best way to keep your family safe is to prevent mosquitoes from ever becoming a problem with our mosquito misting service!

Our mosquito control program provides an effective solution for controlling mosquitoes in your outdoor living areas. Monthly applications throughout late spring until early fall with our 6 step program are recommended. We will spray all the areas mosquitoes like to hide around your home including trees, shrubs, and lawn; then we’ll also spray the perimeter of the property. We also offer a special occasion mosquito spray service for outdoor gatherings.

Mole Control

If you’ve been dealing with moles in your lawn and attempted to rid it of these critters on your own, you’re not alone! Moles remove many damaging insects and grubs from lawns and gardens. However, their burrowing habits disfigure lawns, destroy flower beds, tear up the roots of grass, and create havoc in small gardens and landscaping. We can help eliminate moles from your lawn using the only proven mole bait that works. We offer a two-visit option and season long program.